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Last Day in Florence . Walking around for two and a half hours might be a good way to bid goodbye to Florence. Cafes and boutique shops gave life to narrow streets paved with slabs of rock. Pedestrian, tourists and locals flowed through it incessantly nourishing the city’s economy. Four kinds of sfoglia and a tazza of caffe marocchino provided needed energy for the rest of the day.... (More)
Summer in Amsterdam There is nothing like Europe for urban adventure, especially during summer. Moving around and between cities is so convenient making planning unnecessary. Cheap flights between countries are available even on same day booking. If you want to avoid the hassle of airport security check, train is definitely the best way to travel between cities. For budget traveler, bus is a great alternative to train. Europe, especially Western Europe, is very safe to travel around. Pickpocket is the most common complaint of some travelers. But this could be very much avoided by leaving valuables in safety deposit box in hotels. For this trip, I only booked a round trip flight between Amsterdam and Calgary, and 2-night accommodation in Budapest. And I intentionally left the rest of my trips unplanned to leave more opportunities for adventure. Upon arriving at Amsterdam Central Station, I headed straight to the shower room at the station, and left my backpack in the safe box. Knowing that I might.... (More)